The Dam Nation

The Dam Nation is a first-person shooter set on top of a massive dam, a structure so large that it acts as the capital city of the nation in which it resides.

The game's levels are procedurally generated, meaning their layout will be different everytime you play. While never quite knowing what lies around the next corner you must fight your way across the Dam, discover the nature of the catastrophe that has befallen it, and save it from total destruction!

The game is scheduled to be released on PC in 2019. You can follow the game's progress via my youtube channel or checkout some images from the game below...

The Dam is at the center of the world's trade and shipping.

One of the Dam's fine market halls.

The rooftop garrets can contain useful items, but what else lurks up there?

If you dont like the game's color scheme, you can change to a different one.

The Dam is scattered with monuments and landmarks.

Look! It's a tram!